Welcome to 2754 32 Service Battalion RCACC.

For the most up-to-date information and news, please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/2754RCACC

For information on HOW TO JOIN CADETS, including:

-DOCUMENTATION required to join cadets.
-FORMS required to join cadets.
-WHEN/WHERE to join us.
-Questions on WHAT WE DO.
Please email: RECRUITING@2754CADETS.CA

Our Recruiting Officer will respond as soon as possible!
Contact Information:

2754 "32 Service Battalion" RCACC

Denison Armoury

1 Yukon Lane "Trailer D"

Toronto, ON M3K 0A1

416 633 6200 x6396

2754 Parades on MONDAY NIGHTS 6:30-9PM

General info: admin@2754cadets.ca

Recruiting: recruiting@2754cadets.ca

IT: itsupport@2754cadets.ca 

Supply: suppo@2754cadets.ca

Command: co@2754cadets.ca